Barcelona, 15th of May 2023

The first travel conference dedicated to the transition to Web3.
Speeches, panels and networking to help the industry upgrade to the new Web.



Web3 is the next iteration of the Web

Web1: 📖 Read

Web2: Read & ✍️ Write

Web3: Read, Write & 🔑 Own

Web3 will deeply impact any business on the internet within a few years.
Now it’s the perfect time to learn what’s going on and get ready.


To Onboard and Educate the Travel industry to Web3 and create a network on Web3 in Travel entrepreneurs


In Barcelona, at the World Trade Center


15th of May 2023, 10:00-18:00

Speakers & Panelists

Cynthia Huang is the CEO at Dtravel, a web3 powered vacation rental ecosystem.
She’s an experienced startup founder and co-founded Altcoin Fantasy, a crypto trading simulation game with 350K+ users worldwide and Airhosts Forum, the largest Airbnb host forum globally.

She’s also an advisor to several web3 startups.
She won the Plug and Play Tech Accelerator Batch 14 Travel Startup Award and was also nominated for a Rising Star Award for the 2022 Shortyz.

She regularly speaks at conferences and events on web3, DAOs and travel and her articles have been published on sites such as CoinMarketCap, The Startup, and Hacker Noon.

Maksim Izmaylov is a serial entrepreneur with the background in software engineering and law.

He thinks that blockchain and other technologies can help us create a better world, e.g. reduce inequality.

He founded two travel startups, Roomstorm and Winding Tree, and Travel Tech Con, a conference for startups and software engineers from the travel industry.

Currently, Maksim is working on Winding Tree, a decentralized marketplace for the $7T travel industry that is dominated by just a handful of large corporations.

Pablo Castillo is CTO and co-founder of Chain4travel.
Previously CIO and Executive Board member Hotelplan Group 2014 to 2021, he has vast and proven experience delivering complex projects across all European markets with a strong business focus.

He started his career in tourism over 20 years ago, selling trips for Kuoni and has held various positions in Data & Content Management, eCommerce, Project & Innovation Program management.

Matt Hairsnape is the Cofounder of Triend, a new decentralised review platform that aims to replace the outdated five star system in the travel industry.

Matt has spent the last decade in travel and has previously founded different companies in the niche travel sector, including Beats Travel that operated globally, leading him to policy discussions with the UK Government and UNWTO White Papers.

Shaina Shiwarski is the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Legends, responsible for GTM and product development.

Legends is the first consumer-powered data platform that creates a single source of real time traveler profiles (Your Travel DNA), that is served to the hospitality industry and owned by the travelers through SoulBound Tokens, Location-Based NFTs and Legends Coin.

She has spent the last 11 years as a sales leader in the B2B SaaS tech industry.
Most recently she spent 4.5 years at Emissary, as the VP of Strategic Sales and joined the company when they were pre-revenue and pre-product.
Her specialities lie in helping to define initial product market fit, overall GTM strategy for sales and marketing, enterprise customer acquisition, product development and account management.

Michele “Mik” Ruberl is a veteran technologist with a 20+ year career delivering software solutions on four continents, both in the corporate world and as a (twice) startupper.

He has been involved in blockchain for traveltech since 2017, as the CTO of Sandos Hotels & Resorts and as Head of Architecture & Integration at Alpitour.

Under his leadership, various projects were implemented, such as a decentralized travel loyalty federation and several NFT applications for the tourism ecosystem.

Now at Peakwork as Director Blockchain & Web3 Solutions, he is developing a platform to enrich traveler experience and eventually reimplement entire segments of the travel supply chain.

Antonio Picozzi is the CEO & Co-Founder of Takyon, the first Travel Exchange platform where people can buy and sell non-refundable hotel reservations.

To make it possible, he created the new concept of Resellable Rate” – bookable on the hotels’ website – which allows reservations to be resold directly on Takyon once transformed into NFTs.

After graduating from at Bocconi University, he worked at Amazon and Accenture before launching two travel tech startups with the clear aim of bringing innovation in such a traditional yet challenging industry.

Josh is a serial entrepreneur and has dedicated the last 2 years to figuring out web3 travel and going deep into what the macro trends will be that define the industry, and building products around it.

From being awarded R&D grants from the UK government for creating systems that enable new kinds of property-based on-chain derivatives, to building Stay365, a web3 travel booking platform, launching membership NFTs, and now building in the fitness space, Josh has built up a thesis and can’t wait to see how this decade plays out.

Luca got involved in Bitcoin in 2013 and in 2017 he saw opportunity in Ethereum’s promise to allow the creation of Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

He accepted Bitcoin for payments in his booking platform since 2014, in 2017 launched a DAO in the travel space (Trips Community) which minted the first NFT booking for accommodations, and the first NFT hotel booking in the world, in 2021.

In 2022 he published a book on The future of Bookings in Web3“.
He is the host of the Web3 in Travel Podcast“.

In 2022, with Trips Community has organised the first Web3 in Travel” conference in Porto, Portugal.

Luca is a Web3 consultant specialising in Travel with his company Adormo.com

Mike Sung is the Director of Partner Success at Plug and Play Travel and Hospitality, a global innovation platform that connects startups with corporate partners in the travel and hospitality industry.

He has been in the Plug and Play ecosystem for 8 years on both the startup and corporate partner side, and officially joined the company in 2020, and in this role, he supports the platform’s operations and strategic initiatives, manages relationships with corporate partners and startup companies, and drives innovation in the industry.

Before joining Plug and Play, Mike held several hospitality operations and technology positions in the travel industry, including hospitality startups as Director of Product and Integrations.

Before his move to Silicon Valley, Mike led multiple professional services teams at Oracle Hospitality, formerly Micros System, where he led various technology installations, conversions, and integrations for global hospitality suppliers.

Sam Simmons is a partner at Dream Ventures, where he invests in founders creating web3 technologies for mainstream audiences.

He has also invested heavily in travel tech as an angel investor and sees travel and tourism as one of the key industries most ripe for disruption by web3 technologies.

Sam is the founder of Non-Fungible Ventures where he advises and consults for a variety of web3 projects.

He is an avid NFT collector as a holder and community member in such projects as CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Prior to entering the web3 space, Sam worked across multiple startup media companies, including time as President of the world’s leading poker content company, PokerGO.

While there, he won multiple industry awards, including the Cablefax Digital Rookie of the Year and Cynopsis Rising Star as he led the organization’s pivot from a 24/7 linear TV network to an SVOD streaming service.

Beat Blaser is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Falkensteiner Ventures.

He gained a comprehensive overview of travel and hospitality tech startups, managing a diverse portfolio of investments.

Until 2018, Beat was MD at Thomas Cook for their City/Domestic tour operator platform, serving multiple markets in Continental Europe, the UK, and the Nordics.

Currently, he is a Board Member in several startups and grownup companies in travel and hospitality across Europe.


Trips Community DAO.
We have been working on the Web3 in Travel space since 2017.


In the context of a whole week of travel related events.


Discussions on the future of the travel industry on Web3.



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Listen to the Web3 in Travel podcast episode "The Web3 in Travel Conference 2023 in Barcelona" by Luca, our founder.